CHART: Here's how major asset classes have performed in 2016

Photo by Hamish Blair/Getty Images

2016, almost out of nowhere, is nearly over.

It’s been another tumultuous period for financial markets, tanking at the start of the year before recovering sharply in the June quarter.

Since then there’s been a period of relative stability that’s been briefly interrupted by pockets of significant volatility.

Here’s looking at you, Brexit.

With just over two months to go, it’s time to see how a variety of financial assets have performed, be it stocks, currencies, bonds or commodities.

This chart from Macquarie Research shows the current scoreboard with commodities, after being the whipping boy of markets for several years, now dominating the list of the year’s top performers. And that’s excluding coking and thermal coal prices which have gone bananas in recent months.

Macquarie has iron ore as the top overall performer, and looking at the price action in Chinese futures today, it looks like that gain is about to get a whole lot larger.

It’s also a stark turnaround from 2015 when iron ore was the worst overall performer on the list.

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