CHART: Global Debt Markets Have Recorded Three Fold Growth In Twelve Years

Equity and debt securities have grown at a stunning rate over the past 30 years, unhampered by the constraints of physical supply.

Global debt markets have almost tripled in size over the past 12 years, growing from $33 trillion to almost $90 trillion dollars.

Over the same period equity markets increased about 35% to $66 trillion.

Appearing in the World Gold Council’s investor report, this chart shows global financial assets have grown at an “unprecedented rate” since 1980.

The WGC said despite fluctuating asset prices and market volatility financial assets are almost double GDP.

“This growth has been primarily led by fixed income markets,” WGC wrote in its report.

The gold council said the growth in debt markets is a result of ageing demographics in developed countries, low interest rates and record government spending.

There’s more here.

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