CHART: Full-Time Graduate Employment In Australia Has Hit A 20-Year Low

Full-time graduate employment has reached a 20-year low, with Graduate Careers Australia reporting that only 71.3% of last year’s bachelor degree graduates had found full-time jobs within four months of leaving university.

Data from the university-supported organisation last month revealed that 10.6% of 2013 graduates were unemployed and looking for work when the survey was conducted. Meanwhile, a record 18.1% were in part-time or casual jobs while seeking full-time work.

From the report:

Graduate Careers Australia’s report was based on data about 70,373 who graduated with a bachelor degree in 2013, of whom 43,459 people (61.6%) were available for full-time work – down from 61.6% in 2011.

Pharmacy (97.6%), medicine (98.9%) and mining engineering (96.0%) graduates were most likely to find full-time placements, while visual/performing arts (48.3%), life sciences (52.4%), and social sciences (55.7%) graduates were the least.

The median starting salary rose 0.87% to $52,450, with dentistry graduates attracting the highest median of $80,000.

Of all bachelor degree holders, regardless of graduation year, 3.4% were unemployed according to ABS statistics from May 2013, compared to 2.7% the previous year.

There’s more in the Graduate Careers Australia report.

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