CHART: Florida State Is No. 2 In First BCS Ranking But Oregon Has The Upper Hand

Florida State blew out Clemson over the weekend and the result was a small bump in the coaches and Harris polls and a huge surge in the BCS computer rankings. The result is that if the season ended today, Florida State would play Alabama in the BCS championship game.

Here are the first BCS rankings of the 2013 season (cont. below)…

Florida State’s win moved them to the top of three of the six BCS computer rankings. Alabama is the top-ranked team in two of the computer rankings and curiously, Missouri replaced Florida State as the top team in the sixth computer ranking.

While Florida State is officially the second-ranked team, Oregon is the team that probably has the upper hand. The Ducks still have three games left against top-25 teams, including sixth-ranked Stanford on the road. They also have the Pac-12 championship game. Meanwhile, Florida State has just one ranked opponent remaining (no. 7 Miami) and the ACC championship game.

If two of the top three teams lose, Ohio State and Missouri would be next in line. Also, do not ignore Fresno State and Louisville. Those schools could crash the BCS party if they win their conferences and finish in the top-16, something that is likely if they go undefeated.

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