CHART: Expect fireworks on China's stock market today

Kevin Frayer/Getty Images

It’s Friday, so it’s likely to be volatile on China’s stock market today, at least based on recent history.

The chart below highlights the extreme levels of volatility seen during the past four Friday’s on the benchmark Shanghai Composite index.

Here’s the recent track record.

  • Friday 19 June: -6.42%
  • Friday 26 June: -7.40%
  • Friday 3 July: -5.77%
  • Friday 10 July: +4.54%

While there is a risk by simply writing this the trend could end today – tempting fate if you will – having risen by just 0.46% yesterday, the smallest gain or loss recorded since June 6, another bout of volatility is probably due.

Trading in Chinese stocks get’s underway at 11.30am AEST.

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