CHART: Deloitte says these industries will be hardest hit by digital disruption

Photo: Bryn Lennon/ Getty.

Disruption is the buzz word in business at the moment: how to do it, overcome or prepare for it, and more.

Sometimes a game-changer like Apple’s iPhone comes along, and for most industries, it’s not a matter of if but when that’s keeping company execs awake at night, wondering when their turn will arrive.

Damien Tampling, a partner in Deloitte’s technology and media team, has looked at 18 different industries on a digital disruption chart and revealed the findings at the Daze of Disruption conference yesterday.

Those most vulnerable to digital disruption are labelled “short fuse, big bang”, defining the impact within three years as “short fuse” and those likely to experience change further down the track, four-to-10 years, as “long fuse”.

Deloitte found companies which expect to see a 15-50% change in their metrics will experience a “big bang”, while those that expect to see less than 15% will only feel a “small bang”.

Here’s a look at the chart.

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