CHART: China produced as much steel as the rest of the world last year

Photo by Kevin Frayer/Getty Images

Global crude steel production rebounded modestly in 2016, increasing by 0.8% to 1.6285 billion tonnes, according to data released by the World Steel Association.

And most of the rebound was driven by China, far and away the largest individual producer globally.

In 2016, Chinese crude steel output rose by 1.2% to 808.4 million tonnes, accounting for a staggering 49.6% of total global output.

Put another way, China nearly made nearly as much steel as the rest of the world combined last year, boosted by infrastructure investment from the Chinese government along with a rebound in residential construction activity following strong property price gains in China’s largest centres.

Source: World Steel Association

Output outside of China also increased, rising by 0.4% to 820.1 million tonnes.

Of the major producers, output fell by 0.3% in Japan to 104.8 million tonnes, offset by a sharp 7.4% jump in Indian output which soared to 95.6 million tonnes, up from 89 million tonnes a year earlier.

Output in the United States, Russia, South Korea and Germany, the fourth, fifth, sixth and seventh largest producers globally, all fell in 2016 compared to the levels of a year earlier.

This table ranks the top ten crude steel producers globally in 2016.

Source: World Steel Association

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