SPORTS CHART OF THE DAY: Tebow’s Biggest Flaw Is Inconsistency

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Tim Tebow is not as good as some people think he is. And he is not as bad as some people think he is. But even at his best, Tebow is still a flawed quarterback. And he has no bigger flaw than a lack of consistency.

Below is a look at the game-by-game Adjusted Yards per Attempt* for The Good (Aaron Rodgers), The Bad (Mark Sanchez), and the Erratic (Tim Tebow) of NFL quarterbacks.

Not only is Rodgers great, he is also consistently great. He rarely has an off-day. Meanwhile, Sanchez rarely has a good day. But at least he is consistent, and you know what you are going to get each week. But look at Tebow’s line. It is all over the place, good and bad. When he is great, he is as good as Rodgers. But when he is bad, he is worse than Sanchez. 

Tebow doesn’t have to be Rodgers, but if he wants to be an NFL quarterback, he needs to find more consistency.

Tim Tebow AY/A

* Adjusted Yards per Attempt is Yards per Attempt adjusted for interceptions…All data via