CHART: This proposed new Australian terror alert system would say when attacks are ‘certain’

Australia will change its terrorism alert system to give the public clearer information about attacks being planned by extremists, under a proposed new threat hierarchy unveiled today.

The current alert levels which describe levels of risk from “low” to “high” and “extreme” are replaced with a system that says how likely an attack is at any point. The highest threat levels are now that attacks are “expected” or “certain”.

Each level would be based on a specific type of advice provided to government by security agencies. For example, a threat level of “probable” means the government has been advised terrorists with the capacity to carry out an attack have a specific target.

The new system combines the existing “threat level”, which is an assessment of the overall threat to Australia and its interests, and the “alert level”, which is about public preparedness, into a single system.

Here’s the chart outlining the new alert levels.


And how it compares against the previous system: