CHART: Australia's Oympic performance is its worst in 24 years

Not pointing the finger at anyone. Picture: Getty Images

This is intolerable:

Australia has defied the odds and actually performed worse than it did at the London Olympics in 2012.

In its historically strong events, Australia won 10 swimming medals, 3 rowing medals and just 2 cycling medals in Rio.

The swimming haul matches what Australia won in London in 2012, but 2016 was well off the 5 rowing medals and 6 cycling medals from that Games.

Australia, which has up to recently proudly enjoyed punching well above its weight in sporting events on the world stage, seems to be a nation in decline.

Its medal haul in Rio is its worst since Barcelona in 1992. Here’s the rise and fall from the past 24 years:

Assume there will be some finger-pointing about who’s responsible and how much money we spent on winning medals.

For the record, plenty of countries spent a lot more and you don’t have to scratch too deep to find someone to show you how coughing up to inspire kids to throw some hoops or take up rugby sevens pays for itself in national health outcomes many times over.

It’s not the point. This is the point:

If the AOC wants to avoid the ultimate embarrassment in Tokyo in 2020, it should stick that chart on the walls of the Australian dorms, instead of pictures of Dawn Fraser and boxing kangaroos.

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