CHART: Australia's dividend avalanche of $22 billion over two months

Carl Court/Getty Images

It’s dividend time, when the bulk of Australia’s listed companies start rewarding shareholders for sticking with them.

Over the next two months around $22 billion will be paid, according to CommSec.

Today, it’s Woodside Petroleum, with $758 million. Last week Rio Tinto paid $615 million and yesterday, Suncorp handed out $643 million.

Here’s what the money flow looks like:

The largest payout comes from BHP, the world’s biggest miner, with $4.469 billion in dividends. The Commonwealth Bank comes in next with $3.6 billion, followed by Telstra at $1.895 billion and Wesfarmers at $1.247 billion.

According to results of listed companies announced last month, 63% of companies lifted dividends, 22% maintained payout levels while 15% paid less.

Combined, dividends are up by 6.5%, according to CommSec.

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