CHART: Australians' Exploding Use Of Smartphones For Different Tasks

Australians are increasingly using smartphones to buy online or to research what they see in store before they reach for a credit card.

Once they eyeball the goods, they go online to compare prices to make sure they’re getting the best deal and to read product reviews to ensure they get what they really want.

Almost 30 per cent of those surveyed in the latest Australian Mobile Phone Lifestyle Index decreased their in-store purchasing since they started buying on their mobile phones.

Nearly 40 per cent currently using the mobile phone for purchasing believe the number of purchases they make on their phone will increase in the next six months.

“It’s evident that the mobile phone is not only a platform for making the actual purchase, but is also important for many consumers in aiding their purchase decisions,” says researcher Dr Marisa Maio Mackay.

The solid growth in smartphone use across Australia correlates with an increase in online shopping.

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