CHART: Australians are going bananas for avocados

Image: Shutterstock.

Australians eat more avocados per head then any other English speaking country and we’re eating more of them every year as this chart shows.

Source: ABS, HAL, AAL, Avolution.

Ahead of Australia was of course Mexico – the home of guacamole – which consumes 9 kilograms per person a year.

At 3.4 kilos a year, Australians also eat more of the “rich man’s butter” than their US counterparts who consume 2 kilograms a person a year.

Avolution CEO and all round avocado advocate Antony Allen.

Former head of Avocados Australia and a past president of the International Avocado Society, Antony Allen is now the CEO of avocado marketing company Avolution which now supplies about 20% of Australia’s avocados. You could say he is an all round avocado advocate.

Allen says with increased consumption, avocado prices are also strong.

“A lot of it is demand building. It’s at a base level rather than a transaction level as retailers do. Consumption building is a longer term investment,” he told Fresh Plaza.

“With avocados there’s been generous marketing for the last 20-25 years and there’s always been marketing happening to hit the right note. As long as growers have had some small successes along the way they’ve kept going. You have to be future focused.”

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