CHART: Australia Mining Construction Jobs Will Start Dwindling In 2014

This chart tells the story of jobs in the resources sector over the next five years.

Jobs in the mining construction boom are expected to hit a peak sometime next year and fall 90 per cent over five years.

However, at the same time employment in resources operations will steadily rise.

A government agency study says resources construction jobs will, under the most likely low growth scenario, peak at 83,324 workers in 2014.

Jobs will then decline to 7,708 in 2018 as the construction phase gives way to operations.

The Resources Sector Skills Needs report, prepared by The Australian Workforce and Productivity Agency, says many workers will need to transition to the broader construction industry or acquire new skills.

However, employment in resources operations is likely to steadily increase from 236,690 this year to 254,260 in 2018, a 7.4 per cent rise.

Oil and gas operations are likely to produce the most significant job gains, with an expected 57 per cent rise to 61,212 in 2018 from 38,943 workers this year.

The Australian Workforce and Productivity Agency says:

“Many media commentators have speculated the boom is coming to an end, as commodity prices slacken, investment declines and global competition intensifies. Industry experts dispute this view (as does the Australian Workforce and Productivity Agency) and instead describe an industry in transition, as some of the biggest projects ever undertaken in Australia move from the construction phase to the less labour- and capital-intensive operations phase.”

This chart shows resource projects in the pipeline, as forecast by BREE (Bureau of Resources and Energy Economics)

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