RANKING: Australia is at the top of the Chinese tourist wish list


Australia is the first choice among tourists from China for their next holiday.

Next is Japan, followed by Hong Kong, South Korea and the Maldives.

Here are the top ten destinations, according to the fifth edition of the Chinese International Travel Monitor by hotels.com.

Source: Chinese International Travel Monitor

Chinese tourists are now the biggest group coming through Australia’s main airports. Over the past year there were 1.35 million arrivals from China and Hong Kong, topping New Zealand again for top spot with 1.3134 million.

Most Chinese (92%) like to visit new destinations rather than return to old places.

The Chinese like Australia as a new destination because of its beaches, its promise of adventure, sightseeing and local culture.

Shopping in Australia also is a small but growing attraction. Australia ticks most of the desires of the Chinese tourist.

Source: Chinese International Travel Monitor

Most Chinese travel with friends and family, with nearly half taking their children.

Based on research in May with 3,000 Chinese residents, 92% plan to increase or maintain spending on holidays generally.

Over the past two years, the most popular countries for Chinese were the US followed by Thailand.

In 2015, Japan overtook Hong Kong in third spot and Australia climbed from eighth most visited to sixth.

In terms of cities, Hong Kong followed by Bangkok remained the top two from 2014 to 2015. Tokyo climbed from the ninth to fourth.

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