CHART: Are The World's Migrants Realising There's Better Places Than Australia To Live?

Picture: British Empire Films/Rank Organisation

Despite a lot of recent negative opinion, both in the press and public, about our immigration “problem”, we’ve largely prided ourselves on “Our Multicultural Australia”.

Australia is an attractive place in which to live for a variety of reasons. We haven’t had a recession for almost 23 years. The weather is amazing, as are our beaches and environment in general.

It’s expensive, yes, but there’s plenty of work here if you want it. Lifestyle is the payoff.

So it’s not surprising that we’re the second most multicultural nation on the planet, and have been for half a century – another fact which in turn makes Australia uniquely amazing.

But as this chart from Goldman Sachs’ 100 favourite charts shows, we’re losing our lustre – fast.

Singapore has historically ranked highest, possibly in part due to its education opportunities.

Back in the 80s, Australia was in clear second place.

But in the past 30 years, we’ve plateaued as the place to come to. France is the only other country which shares that statistic, and a couple of countries where numbers on a per capita basis are virtually insignificant, such as China and India.

Sure, immigration has climbed in actual numbers, but only enough to keep pace with annual population growth.

Make of that what you will, but the next time this chart comes around, we might find ourselves redefining what the phrase “Our Multicultural Australia” actually means on a global scale.

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