CHART: Apple Still Has The Most Apps Available

Amid the iPhone hullabaloo, Apple also announced that the App Store now has 700,000 apps available, up from 650,000 in June. As of late June, Android had 600,000 apps available and Windows Phone had 100,000. Those numbers have presumably risen since then.

The last time Amazon released figures for its Android app store, in March, 31,000 apps were available. But Amazon has taken a very different approach, carefully selecting apps for quality and sales potential.

Apple also noted that 90 per cent of those 700,000 apps were downloaded at least once a month and that the average iOS user has 100 apps on his or her device. The App Store is becoming increasingly unwieldy and difficult to navigate as the number of apps available continues to explode. Mobile-app search ads, we believe, could help unclutter the mess by offering developers a dynamic promotional channel to rise above the fray. Amazon’s curated approach is another alternative.  

Apps Available

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