CHART: Android's U.S. Market Share Accelerates As Penetration Increases

Android has picked up a whopping 59 per cent of U.S. smartphone buyers in the past three months. That’s up from a 52 per cent share of the total U.S. market in July, according to Nielsen. However, this probably reflects that some consumers are holding off in anticipation of the new iPhone, as well as the release of Samsung’s flagship Galaxy S III.

Nielsen also reported that U.S. smartphone penetration now stands at 56 per cent, up from 41 per cent a year prior. The young unsurprisingly lead the way. Nielsen found that 58 per cent of teens aged 13 to 17 owned a smartphone, while 74 per cent of Americans aged 25 to 34 did. This is why U.S. smartphone penetration will begin to slow as it reaches an older, less wealthy demographic. 

Nielsen Market Share

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