CHART: Android Takes The Largest Share Of Mobile Ad Impressions

Android accounted for 46 per cent of mobile ad impressions last quarter on Millennial Media’s mobile ad network, down from 54 per cent a year prior. Apple’s iOS platform accounted for another 34 per cent and Blackberry, which still has a desirable demographic, took 15 per cent of impressions. As we discuss in our mobile platforms report, Android’s share of impressions lags its overall market share because it does not monetise as well—advertisers want to reach consumers who are likely to pay for their product. 

Mobile Ad OS MIx

Smartphones accounted for 74 per cent of impressions, up from 66 per cent a year prior. Non-phone connected devices, which includes tablets, only gained 2 per cent from a year prior, but we believe it will be a more effective ad platform in the long-run.

Millennial Media

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