CHART: America's Interest In The America's Cup Was Minuscule Compared To New Zealand's

As Team USA completed its unprecedented comeback to win the America’s Cup over Team New Zealand, interest in the competition in the United States began to rise. But if it seemed like everybody was suddenly talking about sailing, it was still nothing compared to the level of interest in New Zealand.

Below is a look at the normalized search interest in the term “America’s Cup” over the last 90 days on Google. In general, over the last three months, a person in New Zealand was 50 times more likely to do a search for “America’s Cup” on Google.

All data is scaled to the highest point which occurred in New Zealand on September 19th. This was the day after Team New Zealand took a seemingly insurmountable 8-1 lead in the race to be the first team to win nine points. You can also see a GIF below that shows how interest in the United States grew by state over the last three months…

Interest by state over the last three months…

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