CHART: Almost 1.3 million people have come to Australia on 457 work visas over the last 20 years

Joe Raedle/Getty Images

More than 1.28 million 457 temporary work visas have been issued since the 1997 financial year.

Prime minister Malcolm Turnbull today announced the government was scrapping the program and replacing it with a more restrictive regime including more stringent labour market testing requirements and a reduction in the duration of certain visas to two tears instead of the current four.

Here’s a year by year breakdown:

Data: Parliamentary Library

At the end of March last year, there were 97,766 primary 457 visa holders and 79,624 of their dependents, according to a study by the Parliamentary Library.

The top industries of employment were accommodation and food services (15,260), other services (13,890) and information, media and telecommunications (10,030).

The main countries of citizenship for primary visa holders in Australia are India (19,360), the UK (18,270), China (6,950) and Ireland (6,780).

A significant trend over the last two decades has been the growth in what two-step migration.

“This is a process by which migrants come to Australia initially on a temporary visa and then transition to permanent residency at some point—often several years later,” says the library.

Many 457 visa holders follow this pattern and go on to stay in Australia.

In 2014–15, 50,020 permanent or provisional visas were granted to people who held a 457 visa.

Of these, 48,300 were granted a permanent or provisional skilled visa and 1,730 were granted a permanent or provisional family stream visas.