CHART: Aldi Is Australia's Third-Largest Supermarket Chain And Growing

German discount grocery chain Aldi has been quietly gaining ground in a market long dominated by Australian giants Woolworths and Coles.

Data released by market research firm Roy Morgan today put Aldi’s December 2013 market share at 10.3 per cent, of the overall $82 billion market.

Via Roy Morgan:

Coles and Woolworths remain clear market leaders, although their market share dropped 3.4 per cent to 33.5 per cent and 1.2 per cent to 39 per cent respectively in the past eight years.

Roy Morgan reports that a total of 9.5 million customers shop at market leader Woolworths in an average four-week period, compared to 8.8 million customers at Coles and 4.2 million at Aldi.

Roy Morgan group account manager of consumer products Warren Reid said Aldi’s growth showed that the Australian supermarket industry was “not a two-horse race”.

“More importantly, Aldi’s popularity also suggests that there are opportunities for other international supermarket giants to successfully enter the Australian grocery market,” he said.

Britain’s Tesco has reportedly been eyeing Australia for some time, while US wholesale retailer Costco is pouring $110 million into new Australian stores after turning over $612 million in the country in 2012-13.

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