CHART: $US740 Million In Donations May Push Texas A&M Past Texas As Top Money-Maker

Texas A&M University raised $740 million last year according to The amount breaks the record set by Wisconsin in 2005 ($595 million) and could help the school’s athletic department surpass Texas as the richest in college sports.

It is unclear at this point how much of the $US740 million was given specifically for sports. But according to the school president, more than one-third ($246 million) was donated specifically to cover the costs of the $US450 million renovations to the school’s football field. The president also cited the recent success of the football team, led by Johnny Manziel, as a big factor in the donation surge.

The donations for the football field alone would be more than $US200 million greater than the total athletic department donations in 2011-12 ($35.0 million). Texas was the biggest money-maker in college sports that year, taking in $US163.3 million in revenues. Texas A&M was sixth overall, with $US119.7 million in revenue.

We’ll have to wait to see how the donations are divided up. But it is easy to imagine that A&M will surpass Texas as the biggest money-maker in college sports…

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