CHART: 60% Of ESPN's $11 Billion In Revenue Comes From Cable Subscribers

ESPN will take in nearly $11 billion in revenue in 2013 according to projections by Wunderlich Securities (via TheAtlantic). Of that revenue, nearly two-thirds (59.6%) will come directly from subscription fees paid by cable television customers.

That ESPN makes a lot of money off of cable subscribers is not a surprise, but the enormity is jaw-dropping.

In 2011, ESPN charged cable companies the largest fee, by far, at $4.69 per subscriber whether those people watch ESPN or not. And that fee has continued to soar, up 18.1% to $5.54 per subscriber in 2013.

And total revenue generated by cable subscribers is expected to jump again in 2014 to $7.31 billion.

Here is how ESPN’s subscription fees compare to their advertising revenue…

ESPN Revenue

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