CHART: 4WDs now make up a third of all Australian new car sales

Photo by Cameron Spencer/Getty Images

Australian new car sales, led once again by sales of 4WDs, rose to 1,130,954 in the year to July, according to data just released by the ABS.

The figure, the largest annual increase since February 2014, was 9% higher than levels of a year earlier.

4WD sales jumped to 380,813, 11.8% higher than the level of a year earlier, with the annual total the largest on record.

The category now represents over a third of all new car sales.

While offroader sales soared, those for passenger vehicles tanked. Over the past year they fell 6.2% to 517,734, the lowest annual total since June 2000.

Sales of “other” vehicles rose by 1.5% to 232,406.

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