Charlotte Bobcat Boris Diaw Commutes To Work on A Segway

boris diaw charlotte bobcats nbaCharlotte Observer

Photo: Charlotte Observer

Boris Diaw lives just a few blocks away from Time Warner Cable Arena and realised that driving his Audi SUV or Mercedes might be a little excessive for his short trip to work.So this past fall Diaw picked up this Segway x2 which has a modest top speed of 12.5 mph.

“I always heard about the Segway, see the cops on them, and I thought it was a good idea, especially when it’s cold and don’t necessarily want to walk,” Diaw explained. “Because I had two cars…and I wanted to sell one anyway, I sold one and got a Segway instead.

“For short distances it’s the best, and then I just take my car when I’ve gotta go to the airport. … In everyday life, just take the Segway because you can go anywhere, go in the arena, and it’s better than parking in the parking deck.”

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