FALLEN ANGELS: You Won't Believe How Many Actresses Have Tried Their Hand At A 'Charlie's Angels' Remake Or Knockoff

charlie's angels

It’s a pitch that studios and networks alike never tire of: three women who kick butt, take down bad guys, and look good doing it.

In other words: “Charlie’s Angels.”

The 1976 series starring Farrah Fawcett would go on to become reboot fodder for the next several decades.

But more often than not, the remakes fall flat.

1998 saw the making of V.I.P, an 'Angels' knockoff which starred Pamela Anderson.

And in 2011, ABC gamely launched another TV version -- no fancy name, just new faces: Annie Ilonzeh, Minka Kelly, and Rachael Taylor. The show's already been canceled. Back to the drawing board, Angels.

Now check out the many versions of Johnny Depp.

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