34-year-old quarterback on his fourth team in 4 years had a fantastic reaction to joining the decimated Cleveland Browns

Unlike the New England Patriots, the Cleveland Browns opted to sign a backup quarterback to give rookie quarterback Cody Kessler some support for Week 3.

That backup came in the form of 34-year-old Charlite Whitehurst, who signed with the Browns this week. Whitehurst played in spells for the Indianapolis Colts last year, the Tennessee Titans the year before that, and the San Diego Chargers in 2013. This is his fourth team in four years.

Whitehurst spoke to media on Thursday to talk about preparing in his first week with the NFL’s most depleted team. And even Whitehurst, who’s been around the NFL, did not see many familiar faces.

Though Whitehurst may see some snaps this week or in the future if Kessler struggles, in the end, he seems aware that he’s another band aid for the most quarterback-starved team in the league.

Despite never being able to stick with a team over an extended period of time, Whitehurst will potentially get to throw more passes in the NFL.

This time around, he’ll just need a little more time to learn his receivers names.


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