Charlie Sheen Got A Police Escort To His D.C. Show And No One Is Willing To Say Why

twitpic charlie sheen

Charlie Sheen, who was running late to his D.C. show earlier this week because he’d been held up at a custody hearing in L.A. (during which he lost custody of his twins with Brooke Mueller) apparently got a police escort from the airport to his show.

Insert winning remark here.

Now residents of D.C. want to know how come their hard-earned money was being spent on Charlie Sheen. But so far the police dept isn’t talking.

As of Thursday, 48 hours after Sheen had come and gone, no one in his camp or the police department would publicly explain the deployment of law enforcement resources.

“Citizens of the District don’t want to see their police force used to escort private citizens and that Charlie Sheen, of all people, is getting a personal escort,” said D.C. Council member Phil Mendelson (D-At Large), chairman of the committee that oversees police.

Now, in the great D.C. tradition, it’s apparently being handed over to internal affairs.