Charlie Sheen's TV Deal Is Reportedly Done -- And TBS Wants The Show


Charlie Sheen is back in the game.

And he’s almost officially back on TV.

Radar Online is reporting that Lionsgate Television has inked a sitcom deal with Sheen that would have him playing a character similar to his “Two and a Half Men” personality.

He’ll also reportedly get a bigger portion of back-end profits.

When news of Sheen’s return first surfaced a few weeks ago, Fox was floated as his likely new home.

But now, TBS is named as the front-runner in a bidding war, which seems a little strange to us.

The cable network has been trying for several years to build a comedy brand based on originals that complement acquired programming.

In other words, an edgy animated show would be greenlit behind “Family Guy” reruns. Tyler Perry begets… more Tyler Perry.

And Conan O’Brien, by virtue of his late-night talk show, has become the face of young TBS’s programming brand.

We can’t see where Sheen fits in there, except as a stunt.

And as too many concert venues and morning-show correspondents have learned over the past six months, Sheen is a stunt that can seriously blow up in your face.

UPDATE: A TBS spokesperson denies these talks are happening.

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