Charlie Sheen Might Not Have A New TV Deal Yet, But He Just Gave This New CBS Show A Big Ratings Advantage


CBS just announced its fall schedule premiere dates, and buried in the listings is a big indicator as to which new show it had the most confidence in.

“Two Broke Girls,” a comedy about New York waitresses that stars Kat Dennings and Beth Behrs, will bow behind the ninth season premiere of “Two and a Half Men” on Monday, September 19.

The first new episode of that series is already kicking up a ton of buzz thanks to the rumours of Chuck Lorre‘s plans for it: reportedly, he’s got a dark twist in mind that will kill off Charlie Sheen‘s character.

Presumably, the episode will also include the first glimpse of Sheen’s replacement, Ashton Kutcher.

Add all that up, and you get insane ratings numbers — not only will the show’s vast loyal audience tune in, but so will plenty of Sheen-enfraude gawkers (us included).

So “Girls” will enjoy a lead-in that feels more like the Superbowl than a season return.

They better make the most of it — “Girls” is premiering at a special time, and will resume their official time slot (Mondays at 8:30) the following week.

And by the way, Mr. Lorre — if you’re not totally sold on murder, please enjoy our suggestions for eradicating Sheen. We certainly enjoyed coming up with them.

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