Charlie Sheen Wants You To Know He Isn't Crazy Anymore, OK?

charlie sheen 20/20 interview

Tiger blood and goddess fans beware: Charlie Sheen isn’t crazy anymore.

Well, according to him.

At a Fox press event highlighting new television shows, Sheen announced that last year’s antics and hijinks were just “an episode” and that he now feels more “mellow and focused.” 

So, what did Sheen blame for his epic meltdown?

“It was about the pressures cooking up 30 years in the business and finally wanting to say all the things– and I said them all at once,” Sheen said at the Pasadena press event.

Apparently, Sheen calmly talked up his new show on FX, “Anger Management,” but definitely didn’t waste any opportunity to take a few jabs at his old TV show, “Two and a Half Men.”

Not only did he call CBS’ decision to have his character killed off a bit “mean-spirited,” Sheen also commented that his new work environment is leaps and bounds above “Men.” 

“To have my input welcomed is an alien concept for me,” Sheen said about his new showrunnner, Bruce Helford. 

Sheen also commented that “Anger Management” would feature less immature humour and that shows who stoop to that level are getting “lazy.” 

Even with the passive-aggressive drama, Sheen wished the cast and crew at “Men” good luck and even praised Ashton Kutcher‘s performance. 

Sheen’s new show is set to film in March and premiere in June. He will play an ex-baseball player turned therapist with his own mess of issues named Charlie. 

Is this yet another dig at his role on “Two and a Half Men”? Yea, probably. Will Sheen again go down a bizarre path? Time can only tell but for now, it looks like he’s actually winning.

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