Charlie Sheen Wants To Copyright "Tiger Blood" -- And 9 Other Trademark-Happy Celebrities

sheen tiger blood

Charlie Sheen wants to world the know he, and only he, has “tiger blood.” Legally.

Sheen is filing to trademark that little gem and 21 other excerpts from his recent ramblings.

Included among them: “Vatican assassin” (yeah, that would look great on a coffee mug) and “Duh, winning!” (if someone wants to wear a t-shirt that says “Duh,” they can go up to their attic and rip open the box labelled “1993”).

Anyway, Sheen will have to fight an unlikely opponent for the “tiger blood” rights.

Jimmy Buffett has reportedly moved to trademark the phrase in hopes of creating a line of beverages around it. We’ll see who wins that licensing battle.

But one thing we already know is that trademark attempts and loony celebs go together like, well, a tall, cool TIGER BLOOD™ and a BURRITO-TORPEDO OF TRUTH™.

Let's just get the 'Jersey Shore' trademark-seekers out of the way. Sorrentino thinks his self-appointed nickname should be trademarked so that he can put it on -- do you even have to ask? -- tracksuits.

Snooki followed suit -- but got slapped back.

Her real name, in case you didn't know, is Nicole Polizzi. And Polizzi was turned down by the U.S. Patent Office. They ruled that Polizzi's nickname was too similar to the title of a children's book, 'Adventures of Snooky.'

Barton tried to get rights to her name after a Queensland designer launched a line of handbags and accessories called Mischa. The case has yet to be settled.

We think you can guess what Donald Trump went after.

Yuh fy-ahed. Or, in its written form, 'You're fired.' Trump tried to trademark the phrase in 2004, but the attempt fizzled. Too bad -- the recession would have brought him a slew of royalties.

Nadya Suleman wants her creepy-creature nickname.

Suleman's legal battle to get rights to 'Octomom' drags on -- but she'll have to beat a company that's seeking the same trademark (they want to make an 'Octomom' video game).

Sarah (and Bristol) Palin want their brand made official.

The Palin family's lawyer moved to trademark Mama Bear's name during the midterm elections. He filed for Bristol's just before she made her 'Dancing With the Stars' debut.

Darrelle Revis won the rights to the Jets lingo he inspired.

Revis, a cornerback for the Jets, had a reputation for crushing receivers -- and Jets fans began referring to his area of coverage as 'Revis Island.' Revis applied for and was granted a trademark on the phrase.

Damon Wayans seriously thought he could get rights to the n-word.

Wayans saw nothing wrong with this plan: start a clothing line, name it 'Nigga,' obtain exclusive rights to the word.

Larry Birkhead wants to gross us out forever.

Birkhead, the photographer and former beau of the late Anna Nicole Smith, filed an application on the phrase 'Goodnight my sweet Anna baby.' This, he explained (and we doubt anyone asked) was what he used to say to Smith to rock her to sleep. He wants the trademark to cover movies, books, television shows and plays. So consider changing the title of the play, 'Goodnight My Sweet Anna Baby,' you've been writing.

Now check out the best of a celebrity whose brainstorms actually deserve copyrights.

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