Charlie Sheen's ex-girlfriend says he never told her he was HIV-positive

The fallout has started from Charlie Sheen’s revelation Tuesday that he’s HIV-positive.

Bree Olson, Sheen’s former girlfriend (and a former porn actress) who lived with him, appeared on Howard Stern’s radio show immediately after Sheen’s announcement on the “Today” show and said that she was with Sheen at the time he says he was diagnosed and having “night sweats.” Despite that, she alleges that Sheen did not disclose his HIV-positive status to her. (She has tested HIV-negative.)

“I was living with him. We were sleeping together every single night,” she told Stern. When the host asked if Sheen ever said anything, she responded, “Never said a word, ever. ‘I’m clean,’ he told me.”

On the “Today” show, Sheen told Matt Lauer that since his diagnosis, he has informed all his sexual partners about his HIV status.

“I made the same mistake that a lot of people do. I trusted him,” Olson continued on Stern’s show.

When Stern asked if she would accept an apology from Sheen, said said, “I don’t want it. I would say, ‘F–k you.'”

Another ex-porn star, Lisa Ann, has gone on Twitter to lash out against Sheen’s comments on the “Today” show, calling his actions “criminal.”

Sheen alleges he was the victim of “shakedowns” from “unsavoury and insipid types” whom he paid off after telling them of his HIV-positive status and having sex with them.

In most states, you’re legally required to tell someone about your HIV status if you’re exposing them to a significant risk of contracting the virus.

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