The French Magazine Firebombed Last Year Is Planning To Anger Hardline Islamists Again Tomorrow

Charlie Hebdo, a long-running French satirical magazine, angered hardline Islamic groups last year with a magazine guest-edited by “Mohammad”, the Islamic prophet.

For their efforts, the magazine eventually found that their offices firebombed. Luckily no-one was injured, and the magazine went on to put up another shocking issue, with a cover that showed a traditionally-dressed Muslim man (perhaps Mohammed?) sloppily kissing a male Charlie Hebdo cartoonist.

Now, according to Le Monde, the editors of Charlie Hebdo are preparing to cause controversy again with a issue released tomorrow. The cover shows a Muslim man in a wheelchair pushed by an Orthodox Jew with foil cap and under the titleĀ “Untouchables 2”, an imaginary sequel to a recent French film. The pair are saying (rough translation) “You must not mock us!” According to Le Monde, there are more shocking cartoons of the Prophet Mohammad inside the magazine “in daring positions”.

Of course, given recent protests around the world about an anti-Islamic YouTube video and a new, higher reward on Salman Rushdie’s head, we suppose the timing of this issue is… brave?

France’s Foreign Minister, Laurent Fabius, is currently in Cairo and has condemned the cartoons, saying “I am against provocations”.

Here’s the cover:

Charlie Hebdo Cover

Photo: Charlie Hebdo

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