Here's Charlie Hebdo's response to the Paris attacks

In its new issue, French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo reacted to the gruesome attacks that shook Paris last Friday:

The cover depicted a man dancing around, with a bottle of champagne in one hand and drinking out of a flute while the champagne poured out of apparent bullet holes in his body. The text surrounding the image says: “They have arms. F— them. We have the champagne!” 

The cover was posted on social media ahead of the magazine’s release on Wednesday by a columnist for Charlie Hebdo, Mathieu Madénian

Last week’s attacks on Paris left at least 129 people dead and hundreds more injured, after a wave of shootings and suicide bombings at restaurants, bars, a concert hall, and a sports stadium. The incidents constituted the deadliest attack on French soil since World War II. The Islamic State group (also known as ISIS and ISIL), claimed responsibility for the attacks. 

Terror struck France — and Charlie Hebdo — earlier this year. On January 7, 2015, 12 people were killed in a shooting at Charlie Hebdo’s offices in Paris. Five others were killed in several related attacks throughout the capital, including a hostage-taking situation at a Kosher market. 

The magazine was targeted in part for its often-controversial depictions of religious and political leaders, including the Prophet Mohammed.

The cover is already being shared widely on social media. It embodies a sentiment shared by many Parisians after the attacks: resilience.

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