Charlie Gasparino Gets Into Twitter Spat With Anonymous Traders, Calls Them Poor

A group of anonymous traders provoked Fox Business Network’s Charlie Gasparino into an
odd Twitter spatthis morning.

The fight began with the always sardonic and often hysterical cadre of traders mocking Gasparino for being a “troll” and probably “walking in the Bronx yelling obscenities.”

That’s when Gasparino, who had been going back and forth with a few accounts for a few days now, responded in kind.

@MarketPlunger might have been referring to this recent Gasparino dispatch about Preet Bharara having dinner, which raised eyebrows for being an article about Preet Bharara having dinner.

Gasparino went on to essentially call the traders poor.

And invoke a “your grandma” joke.

And then back to the poor thing.

“I’ll admit I didn’t like him b4 this but now I do. Fun times,” quipped one of Gasparino’s Twitter adversaries.

You can’t win, Charlie.

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