WHOOPS! Charlie Gasparino Is The Latest To Be Busted For Saying He Was Nominated For A Pulitzer

charlie gasparino

Pulitzer Prize policeman Bill Dedman of MSNBC.com has been calling out journalists for saying they were nominees for the prestigious award when they were actually only entrants submitted by their publishers.

His latest bust is catching Fox Business Network’s Charlie Gasparino saying he was nominated for a Pulitzer in his bio. 

MSNBC.com’s Dedman, who is a Pulitzer winner, writes: 

Let’s see. Until Tuesday afternoon, Gasparino’s bio from Fox Business said he was “nominated for the Pulitzer Prize in beat reporting” in 1992, when he was a reporter for The Wall Street Journal. The same claim is made by his agents at the HarperCollins Speakers Bureau, and on the website of his publisher, Simon and Schuster. In a promotional video in 2008 for CNBC, his former employer, Gasparino declares, “I am: a writer, son of an ironworker, son of New York, Golden Gloves prospect, a Pulitzer Prize nominee…” (CNBC is owned by NBCUniversal, which is a partner with Microsoft in msnbc.com.)

After combing through Pulitzer prize records, Dedman learned that Gasparino wasn’t a nominee, but an entrant.  He points out that official “nominees” are a handful of all the self-submitted entrants who are selected as finalists for the Pulitzer. 

Here’s Gasparino’s email response when Dedman contacted him yesterday: 

“I was nominated by the wsj sir.”

Yesterday, Dedman called out Bloomberg TV’s Betty Liu for an ad campaign touting she is “PULITZER PRIZE-NOMINATED.”

Bloomberg TV said it was an “innocent mistake” and the ads would be corrected. 

When Liu was working at the Financial Times back in Atlanta back in 2000, her editors submitted her work to the Pulitzer committee.  

Dedman has also called out author and columnist Jonah Goldberg when his book jacket claimed that he had been twice nominated for a Pulitzer Prize when in fact he was only an entrant. His publisher said it was an unintentional error and removed it. 

In defence of Gasparino, Liu, and Goldberg, within the journalism industry, having your work submitted by your publication is referred to as being “nominated” for a Pulitzer. None of the three claimed to be Pulitzer “finalists,” which is what the formal nominees selected by the Pulitzer people are called.

Of course, no one outside the journalism industry understands that. Someone who picked up a book written by an author “nominated for a Pulitzer prize” would be forgiven for assuming that this meant more than the author’s work was submitted for evaluation.

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