Charlie Gasparino On CNBC: 'It's My Job To Turn This Into A Barroom Brawl'

Charlie Gasparino, who recently left CNBC for rival Fox Business Network, talked to Don Imus yesterday about his new job, and how he plans to “make life difficult for the competition,” including CNBC.

“I wanted to come here and I left extremely amicably,” he said. But he is looking forward to beating his old network on breaking news stories. “It’s my job to turn this into a barroom brawl with them; to scratch and kick and stomp with them.” And they will do the same thing to him, he added.

Imus asked him what exactly his job is at FBN.

“I think I’m just gonna cause a lot of trouble,” he said. “I did it while I was there. I’m definitely gonna do it while I’m here.”

“I always wanted to come to Fox, that’s the bottom line,” he added.

Watch more excerpts from the interview:

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