Charlie Gasparino Just Took A Big Jab At James Gorman During His Jamie Dimon Interview

Charlie Gasparino

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Fox Business News’ Charlie Gasparino’s feud with Morgan Stanley is no secret—there were allegedly death threats towards Gasparino by a Morgan Stanley representative at one point, and the Fox Business reporter is never shy about gloating that he had the news on Morgan Stanley months before it was publicized by the firm.So it’s no surprise that Gasparino prefaced his interview with JP Morgan CEO Jamie Dimon airing this afternoon on Fox Business with a stinging jab at Morgan Stanely CEO James Gorman and his skills.

You know, what I like about [Jamie Dimon] is that he’s certain about his job, has confidence in his abilities. He’s unlike a lot of CEOs, like James Gorman from Morgan Stanley,” Gasparino said as he was introducing his interview with Dimon on Fox.

Gasparino followed the quip by saying that Gorman was a “good guy,” but he expressed resentment that Gorman refused to do media interviews.

Among the top executives at the biggest U.S. banks, Dimon is undoubtedly the most media-friendly and has continued to do public appearances and interviews while all his peers—not just Gorman—have shied about from the spotlight. Just two weeks ago, Dimon appeared on CNBC with Maria Bartiromo.

Fox Business News will be airing short clips from Charlie Gasparino’s interview with JPMorgan CEO Jamie Dimon all afternoon. We’ve been keeping an eye on the clips, but Dimon hasn’t said anything we haven’t heard before and reported—when he does, we’ll be sure to update.

Here’s a video of Gasparino’s jab at Gorman: