Charlie Gasparino: Hope In Dark Times

The latest Wall Street suicide, by a Breton financier who lost his own fortune and the fortunes of those who trusted him in the Madoff Scheme, has given Charlie Gasparino a case of the end of the year blues. He spends several hundred words reflecting on the lives of two other recent suicides: Barry Fox, the Bear Stearns vet who threw himself out his window in May, and Eric Von Der Porten, the managing partner at Leeward Investments who suffocated himself.

Perhaps in the boom years we became a little too focused on money, Gasparino proposes. Maybe the dark times will help resotre some sense of balance.

Here’s how Gasparino winds up the grim piece in the Daily Beast:

Which brings me to something important that my friend and CNBC colleague, Larry Kudlow, recently told me during a recent segment. You probably won’t find a person who believes in the power of the markets and free-market capitalism more than Larry Kudlow. But Larry, upon hearing of the tragedies of Barry Fox, Eric Von der Porten, and Rene-Thierry Magon de la Villehuchet, went back to the time when he was at his lowest: He was battling drug and alcohol addictions, he was broke, and his marriage was on the rocks.

But he recovered through his faith in God, and because he realised that “it’s only money and money cannot be that important,” and that losing it “is not the end of the world, for heaven’s sake. You’ve got families, and we all make mistakes.”

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