TikTokers are making memes about Charli D'Amelio losing 1 million followers and the drama that ensued with Trisha Paytas and James Charles

Instagram/@dixiedamelio, @trishapaytasTikTok was captivated by the feud between the D’Amelio family, James Charles, and Trisha Paytas.
  • Videos about Charli and Dixie D’Amelio’s drama are going viral on TikTok after fans thought the sisters acted ‘entitled’ in a YouTube video.
  • In the video on the D’Amelios’ family channel, Charli made a comment about her follower count that enraged fans and lost her one million followers, while Dixie’s dislike of a private chef’s food drew ire.
  • Trisha Paytas and James Charles have also been embroiled in the drama.
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When a video showing 16-year-old TikTok star Charli D’Amelio joke about wanting to reach 100 million followers went viral, she soon lost one million followers, as unfollowing the app’s most-popular creator became a meme.

In the wake of the drama, which also involved D’Amelio’s older sister, Dixie, beauty guru James Charles, and controversial YouTuber Trisha Paytas, videos joking about the entire scenario are going viral on TikTok.

The series of dramatic and unfortunate events began on Tuesday, when the D’Amelio family posted a video on their YouTube channel featuring Charles. In the video, both D’Amelio sisters did or said things that led to criticism. Aaron May, a private chef, cooked dinner for the family. Dixie did not like May’s seafood paella and said she actually threw it up. Then, Charli asked if they had any “dino nuggets” instead.

Later in the video, Charli said that she wished she could have been able to hit 100 million followers within a year of reaching her first million. Commenters on the video, which has 11.4 million views as of Friday morning, called the girls “entitled” and “disrespectful,” and the mass exodus of one million followers from Charli’s TikTok took just a few days.

Now, TikTokers are making videos joking about the entire scenario, which involved Paytas because she criticised the D’Amelio sisters in TikTok videos and previously called Charli “boring” in a podcast.

Dixie herself joked about the situation, doing the “Renegade” dance over audio of Paytas rapping the N-word — one of Paytas’ many controversies. She eventually deleted the TikTok, but others reposted it.

@caprhicorn#greenscreenvideoDID DIXIE JUST RENEGADE TO THAT TRISHA AUDIO IM – #DoPacSun#OurType#makeitmini

ltrishaz wit attitudes – leilani

TikTok users following the drama joked about Dixie’s dislike of the paella and criticised Charli for joking about her follower count, garnering millions of views.


Other users made videos dissecting the situation. One video criticising the teens reached 1.6 million views as of Friday afternoon.

@realalexisdentIve been warning yall about #charlidamelio for a while, but too many of you had rose coloured glasses. #tiktoktea@dixiedamelio

loriginal sound – alexis dent (

Another user joked that if a robber asked them to explain the entire situation or face dire consequences, they’d actually be just fine.

@ellieswagmoneyyim so invested its embarrassing ##fyp##charlidamelio##jamescharles##trishapaytas

loriginal sound – zoukeye

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