Watch Charles Schwab Give Good Advice To Really Stupid People

charles schwab adCharles Schwab is stars in his company’s new ads.

Charles Schwab is positioning himself as the new Dear Abby of the financial world.Schwab, founder of the financial service company of the same name, stars in a new series of ads in which he gives dumb people who are buying 90 pairs of sneakers or $200 bunny masks at Renaissance Fairs some useful advice: Stop buying and start investing/paying off credit card debt/learning what per diem means and if it will cover that $50 burger foie gras burger.

The online ads, which are actually pretty funny, were created by San Francisco-based ad agency Mekanism.

It turns out Schwab just might be the perfect spokesman. A study by ad tracking company Ace Metrix found that ads featuring CEOs actually outperform ads without CEOs. “In fact, celebrity ads are more polarising than CEO ads,” Peter Daboll, CEO of Ace Metrix, toldĀ Business Insider.

Sure Schwab stepped down as the CEO in 2008, but the sentiment is still there.

Watch the ads below:

Don’t buy a $50 burger:

Don’t buy an assortment of $200 animal masks. Especially at Renaissance fairs:

Don’t buy 90 pairs of sneakers:

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