A VC firm redesigned their website to say 'F*ck Trump'

Many Silicon Valley leaders have already made their distaste for Trump clear, but one Silicon Valley firm took it to a different level on Wednesday.

Charles River Ventures redesigned their site to load a “F*ck Trump” message when people visit. Their message: We’ve had enough.

“Donald Trump’s anti-immigration statements are diametrically opposed to the core values of entrepreneurship. And at CRV, we’ve had enough,” the firm’s blog post read [emphasis theirs]. “The CRV partnership  —  united and unanimous  —  rejects Donald Trump’s candidacy for President of the United States.

But the CRV’s partners message is more than just empty rhetoric or yet another Medium blog post.

The venture firm, which backs companies like Dropbox, ClassPass, and Udacity, pledged to start covering the costs for US visas for any of its company’s founders. It’s also launching a fellowship program that will help fund companies and donate office space for immigrant entrepreneurs.

“If you feel you fit the bill, come share your stories and your ideas. If you are for building walls and stopping change, stay away. Bigots need not apply,” CRV said.

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