The Mansion That Belonged To The Inventor Of The Ponzi Scheme Is On Sale For $US3.3 Million

The Colonial-style mansion that briefly belonged to Charles Ponzi, the guy who originated the “ponzi scheme,” is on the market for $US3.3 million, William Alden of the New York Times reports.

The Lexington, Massachusetts home was where Ponzi resided right before his infamous investment scheme collapsed in 1920.

The Italian immigrant, who promised outrageous returns, swindled his investors by paying the earliest ones with incoming money from later investors. Eventually, his scheme collapsed and he was arrested and sentenced to prison.

His former home is definitely picturesque. Now we’re going to take a tour.

The home is a Colonial Revival mansion with a guest house is located on 19 Slocum Road in Lexington, Massachusetts.

The home features sixteen rooms.

There's approximately 7,282 square feet of living space in the three-story home.

It has high ceilings and plenty of windows allowing natural light into the home.

Seen here is the elegant dining room.

There's also a butler's pantry.

Here is the chef's kitchen.

There's also a more casual dining space.

There are 5 1/2 baths.

The home has 7 bedrooms.

Here's another...

Here's another one of the bedrooms.

And another...

Here's an exterior shot of the estate.

It has some gorgeous gardens, too.

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