KRAUTHAMMER: Chris Christie Is Now 'Hostage To The Truth'

Conservative commentator Charles Krauthammer said Thursday that the burgeoning scandal involving the administration of New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie will hurt his national ambitions — the only questions are how much, and if Christie was telling the full truth during a marathon mea-culpa press conference Thursday.

“Well, look, I think this is not rocket science,” Krauthammer said on Fox News’ “Special Report” on Thursday.

“Christie is now hostage to the truth. If he told the truth and he had no knowledge of this, it will hurt him. If he didn’t tell the truth — and we will know it for sure, one way or the other, if he did know about this — he’s toast. It’s rather simple.”

Krauthammer said the controversy hurts Christie in two ways. First, Krauthammer drew the comparison of Christie to President Barack Obama. Both executives, Krauthammer said, have recently expressed negligence about scandals that have popped up in their respective administrations. Krauthammer said it will make Christie look weak.

Krauthammer also said that there is the potential for Democrats to turn one of Christie’s biggest strengths — his toughness — into a weakness.

“Christie’s strength is how tough he is, but it can become a negative if the toughness is a petty toughness,” Krauthammer said.

Here’s the clip:

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