In latest Draymond Green twist, Charles Barkley threatened to punch 74-year-old ESPN personality Papi Le Batard in an amusing voicemail

NBA on TNT / YouTubeCharles Barkley has started more than his fair share of feuds throughout the NBA postseason, and his latest is a good-natured war of words with 74-year-old ESPN personality Papi Le Batard.
  • Charles Barkley is now feuding with 74-year-old ESPN personality Papi Le Batard.
  • Papi called out Barkley as a chicken for not facing Draymond Green after calling him “annoying.”
  • In response, Barkley called Papi and left him a voicemail, jokingly threatening to beat him up, but Papi refused to back down.

Charles Barkley has made yet another enemy in the world of sports media, although this one seems less threatening.

The delightfully dismissive and bombastic member of the “Inside the NBA” crew has already feuded with his fellow panelist Shaquille O’Neal over their respective legacies, and was recently invited down to the Golden State Warriors locker room by Kevin Durant to settle whatever score he needed to with Draymond Green.

But Barkley’s latest enemy is likely his fiercest yet: ESPN personality Papi Le Batard.

Papi, the father of ESPN’s Dan Le Batard, is known for his blunt analysis of player performance and ability to trick almost any cohost of “Highly Questionable” into a fake handshake.

Papi had called out Barkley as a “chicken” on the show on Monday after his refusal to meet Green in the locker room.

In response, Barkley took the time to call Papi and leave him a voicemail, which the “Highly Questionable” crew aired on Tuesday.

“Hey man, this is Charles Barkley,” Barkley began. “You better stop calling me a chicken on television or I’m gonna come punch you in your face!” Barkley’s tone was obviously jovial, and Papi responded in turn by flipping Barkley the double-birds through the camera.

You can watch the scene play out below.

Your move, Charles.

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