Female Broadcasters Are Fleeing ESPN

charissa thompson

Jason McIntyre of Big Lead Sports is reporting that ESPN host Charissa Thompson is leaving the network and going to Fox Sports.

When contacted, neither Fox Sports nor ESPN had a comment on the report.

Thompson previously worked at Fox as a co-host on “The Best Damn Sports Show Ever.”

At ESPN, Thompson co-hosted “Numbers Never Lie” with Michael Smith, and she replaced Michelle Beadle as host of SportsNation.

This makes Thompson the fourth female ESPN personality to leave the network in the past year.

Last year, Erin Andrews went to Fox Sports, Beadle went to NBC, and Rachel Nichols went to CNN.

So why are all of these women leaving ESPN, the Worldwide Leader in Sports?

It could be money. According to McIntyre, rumoured salaries for Andrews, Beadle, and Nichols at their new networks ranged from $600,000 to $800,000.

With seemingly a constant stream of new female talent at ESPN, perhaps it’s just not worth it for the network to throw out the big bucks to keep the stars.

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