You Can Charge Your iPhone 6 A Lot Faster If You Use An iPad Charger Instead

iPhone owners are familiar with what comes standard in the box: stickers, manuals, earbuds, a charging adaptor and cable, and the handset itself.

It turns out, however, that using the iPhone 6 charger isn’t the fastest way to charge the phone.

You’re actually better off using an iPad charger to juice up your iPhone 6, according to MacRumors’ Kelly Hodgkins.

Apple fans have long wondered if charging the iPhone with an iPad adaptor made any difference. (The iPad plug is bigger and can provide more juice to your iPhone.)

As far as we can tell, it’s been possible to use an iPad charger to charge the iPhone before now, but doing so may have risked the longevity of your battery. It’s also not clear the iPad charger juiced up the iPhone any faster than the traditional iPhone charger.

But with the iPhone 6, you’re sure to see a difference with the iPad charger. MacRumors is reporting that iPhone 6 Plus owners were able to get their phones to a full charge in just two hours.

The iPad adaptor is $US19, so it might be worth picking up even if you don’t already own an iPad.

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