Pfizer Is Going To Have To Fight Massive Litigation Claiming Its Stop-Smoking Drug Makes People Crazy


Photo: Associated Press

Pfizer hasn’t had any luck delaying the start of a trial in a case brought by the wife of a man who killed himself after taking the anti-smoking drug Chantix, reported Tuesday.The drug giant had sought to delay the trial – the first of about 2,600 similar consolidated cases – because of a new study it conducted that found Chantix was safe for consumers with major depressive disorder.

Without time for both sides to mull the results of Pfizer’s study, the trial might be “based on a complete scientific record,” according to a Pfizer motion cited by

But an Alabama judge overseeing the massive Chantix litigation refused to delay the trial.

She pointed out that Pfizer got to choose when to make the results of the study public, which seemed to hint that Pfizer was trying to stonewall.

Chantix has been linked to a host of bizarre behaviour and self-destructive fantasies.

Most recently, a lawyer for a Long Island man who faked his own death said his client’s disappearing act could be related to the anti-smoking drug.

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